My fellow Americans, including most Red Sox fans, I am here today to once again report on the state of my union.

My union is strong, although my wife and I have been arguing some lately over who’s in charge of setting the thermostat. I continue to insist that it is the responsibility of all of us, working collaboratively, to set the thermostat at exactly the temperature that makes me most comfortable.

Yes, it’s hard work, particularly since the thermostat numbers are in centigrade, but I ask you today, why can we not work together to accomplish this and other great feats?

If not us, who? If not now, how about Thursday?

Working together for the common good is what we have done in the past and that is what has made our union great or at least got it a ranking of 4.3 stars on Yelp. Because of these collaborative efforts, we have continued to increase the importation of mint chocolate chip ice cream into the freezer and lowered the number of times we have suffered from brain freeze.

We have never been so committed to going to bed earlier than we are today.

That’s why I believe this can be a breakthrough year for our union.

We have the opportunity this year to go where we have never gone before — maybe to Peru and Machu Picchu, if we can find a cheap flight at a reasonable time and there’s no layover in Atlanta. It all depends on our ability to use those frequent flyer miles and not get caught up in agonizing partisan debates over whether they can be used during blackout periods.

If not, a week at the beach wouldn’t be terrible, either, as long as it doesn’t rain or filibuster too much.

The question, however, that runs through every decision we make this year is whether we are willing to forego endless debates over who started these endless debates.

For several years now, we have debated the proper place for these debates. I will continue to insist on the living room, which is where the big TV is, in case we get bored with the debate and want to see what’s on the Hallmark Channel.

But I am willing to concede that the kitchen would work, too, and I am prepared to compromise on allowing the use of the phrase “yes you did” more than three times in one debate.

Still, all of us here must acknowledge that there remain major challenges in front of us, and several behind us that we would be able to see if only we had bought a car that had one of those new rear-view cameras.

I am confident, though, that we can do this and find a way forward if we work together and refrain from leaving the dishes in the sink and the light on in the bathroom.

Thank you, God bless you, and God bless all of you who may even have stopped reading by the second paragraph.