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Franz K., Metamorphosis, NC:

     The answer is the liberals. I’m not sure what the question is.

Horatio H., Elsewhere, Va.:

     That’s just typical. That’s what all the liberals say, blaming the question rather than the people who ask the question or do nothing about that question mark at the end of the question. Why should everybody in this country be entitled to free punctuation? I had to work for mine!

George O., Farmville, SC:

     No, it isn’t typical. It’s topical. And probably tropical, too. It’s because we’ve gotten away from the American way of semi-colons; too many people in the country today are selfish; greedy; and are Yankee fans persecuted for their use of the semi-colon; and this is taking away our freedom; the next thing we know, they’ll be getting into our sentences and limiting us to just 140 characters per paragraph; and it that case, we’ll only have colons: and where would be with that?

Marcus A., Rome, GA:

     Actually, the answer is the conservatives, if the answer is put in the form of a question, unless the question is in Final Jeopardy and we have no more money left.

Aldous H., Someplace Else, TN:  

     Well, of course it’s the government’s fault. Who do they think they are? The people?

Hugh Sedit, Anyplace, GA:

     Let’s be logical here. According to the most recent research, people who comment in an online comments section are 3 percent more likely to cite statistics that support them than are people who just read comments and can’t figure out how to post their own.

Frank Lloyd, Wrong, TX:

     [In response to Hugh Sedit] In that case, what are they using our taxes for? Who gives them the right to collect taxes and furthermore, I don’t like the fact that the state of Texas sounds too much like taxes.

F.D.R., Drive, DE:

     Well, this is what happens when you let the Denver Broncos, who, I should remind you, come from Colorado, into the Super Bowl.  You know what that means. At least I hope you do, because I don’t.

Let’s go Seahawks!

R.U., Deatoo, FL:

     And if we continue along this path, we’re going to find ourselves in trouble, which is what happens when we stop following the wisdom of our founding fathers or the directions from our GPS. 

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