Some more frequently asked — but rarely responded to — questions about this blog:

Is the blog hypoallergenic?

We believe it is, although since we’re not sure if hypoallergenic means too allergic or not allergic enough, we can’t be sure.

Has this blog been tested on animals?

They laughed at us.

Is special training needed to become a humor blogger?

Not really, although it does help if you’ve taken doctoral-level courses in spelling and received the Legion d’Honneur for knowing where to put apostrophes.  

How can I send multiple texts through this column? Can you view live video streaming with this blog? How can I fix syncing problems?

I think you may have confused this blog with the Samsung X2500 GS 476-3 Rocket-Launched Pebble Blue model. It’s a fairly common mistake.

How often does a question have to be asked before it can be considered frequently asked?

At least twice.

How often does a question have to be asked before it can be considered frequently asked?

Are reservations needed?

The blog is first-come, first-served, but reservations are always a good idea, particularly if you want to gain access to the good paragraphs first.

Do you use algorithms in figuring out what topics will be most appealing to your blog readers and sell them to advertisers?

Yes, we do. Or we would, if we knew what an algorithm was and if we have just spelled it correctly.

Are there any special apps for the blog?

We are in the process of developing special apps for the blog that would also allow the reader to translate all Serbo-Croat references and also find nearby restaurants that don’t use the term “locally grown” on their menus.        

Is an unlimited data plan offered with the blog?

Since there is very little data offered with the blog, at this time we’re offering only limited data plans. Everybody just gets one date. For instance, I’ve taken April 25. 

What happens if a blog post ends in mid-sentence?

I really don’t

What is the most important quality in a humor blog?