Let’s get an update now on how the presidential election is going, particularly because it hasn’t really officially technically started yet and by the time it does, you’re going to be so tired of it you won’t pay any attention at all.

According to the polls, President Obama leads Gov. Romney by 39 polls to 28 polls. Seven Poles, as well as a number of Hungarians, are undecided.

With registered voters or people who think they might be registered voters but are too hot to go look and find out, President Obama leads Gov. Romney 42 percent to 39 percent, with 14 percent favoring Justin Bieber and the remaining 5 percent having no idea who Justin Bieber is.

However, of the 5 percent having no idea who Justin Bieber is, 72 percent know that he’s Canadian and therefore not eligible and only 3 percent have been able to figure out how many percents there are before you feel completely full and can’t eat any more.

Twenty-seven percent of potential voters believe that Gov. Romney would do a better job of spelling arugula while 36 percent of the 58 percent who identify themselves as people willing to eat bratwurst if they have no other choice favor President Obama.

According to the most recent polls, Gov. Romney does particularly well with certain segments of the potential voting population, particularly those who can afford arugula. President Obama, however, has made significant inroads with first-time potential voters who have briefly looked up from their Facebook walls so they can send another text message.

Meanwhile, an overwhelming 87 percent of potential voters believe that the other 13 percent aren’t holding up their end and should be thrown off the island.

Political analysts continue to say that the key to the election will be which candidate gets the most votes, except, maybe, in Florida. According to the polls, 48 percent of the political analysts remain convinced that they could take 46 percent of the analysts in a game of shuffleboard.

Both major political parties are, of course, doing more than just polling the same people again and again. They are also raising money from the same people again and again.

According to the latest financial fundraising reports, the Obama and Romney campaigns together have raised 93 percent of all dollars that exist, plus several quarters and dimes, too.

This is in addition to the political money that’s been rolling in from the so-called SuperPACs, which, on Tuesday, banded together to buy France.

The campaigns and their SuperPAC allies are pouring the money they have raised into a series of negative political ads that are appearing in newspapers and on television, radio, billboards, web sites, Peppermint Patty wrappers, transplanted kidneys and free tattoos you can get at the state fair.

Eighty-nine percent of potential voters say they can’t believe there are four more months to go.